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thousands of drivers aren't following stop sign rules. we want you to know what the punishment should be. later on, you can get great deals for $20.11. stick around for the rich history of maryland county. breaks new -- breaking news, a murder in bethesda. a 27-year-old coworker was arrested. she claims she was a victim. her story didn't match the evidence. she hurt herself trying to get away with the crime. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. first, tonight, a woman is dead and her killer is on the run after an early morning hold up at a fast food restaurant in frederick. someone shot the manager on east patrick street. her's the latest on the investigation.
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>> reporter: in a city where you could count the number of homicides on one hand, the murder of a worker has left people perplexed. >> you don't hear about that stuff. >> a murder was rare. it has to come down to this for a few bucks. things are rough for everyone. we don't go around hurting people and taking from them. >> reporter: police say, in this case, someone did both. the officers responded to a 911 call from the victim's coworker shortly after 5:00 a.m. >> when the officers arrived, we made contact with an employee and a delivery person. another arrived earlier in the office area suffering from a gunshot wound. >> when the manager entered the restaurant, someone must have followed her inside. the motivation was robbery. the investigation is still
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early. we're gathering all of the information we can. the detectives are on the scene and we're collecting the evidence and processing the information and interviewing anyone who may have seen something. >> the police have trying to determine if someone knew the routine or if it was a crime of opportunity. now, because of the store's location, it was so close to i- 70,the police don't know if the killer is in the area. if you have information, call the fredic police department. new tonight at 6:00, a 13- year-old is air lifted after being hit by a car. no word on what caused the incident.
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nows of maryland drivers ignore rule. as we tell you, we have a look at the growing problem. there's a major distraction while driving. >> reporter: school bus drivers are dealing with other problems. other drivers putting children in harm's way. thousands of bus drivers were asked to pay attention to how many drove past them. we're told, more than 7000 drivers kept going. >> it's irresponsible and dangerous. >> it's dangerous if the kids are near the school bus and traffic is moving. you can't control this. >> she loves children and she
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doesn't know why the driverrings don't stop >> it upsets me, i want to be a teacher. if my kids get hurt, i don't know what to do about that. >> reporter: if you don't stop for a school bus with the lights on and the arm extended, it could be two points on your license and a fine. still, many have seen people drive by the stopped school bus. >> you don't know what's thought out if they'll run around and a car coming could hit the kid. >> reporter: several had zero reports, baltimore county reported over 1700 times that that occurred in one day. in annapolis, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. legislators are working on a bill that would make harbor punishments and one proposal would include installing
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cameras on buses. we want to know what you think the punishment should be for those who stop by the buses with lights flashing. leave comments on the driver of an suv who crashed into a car and killed a woman will spend several years in prison. she was the passenger of a car driven by another. today a judge hand down the two year sentence in alexander. her family has been calling for a longer sentence. a member of the u.s. national soccer team was also injured in the crash. tonight, police are looking for an arsonist that set three separate fires in the hallway today at an apartment complex.
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we came in the living room, i had to open the balcony window. it took me down to the ladder. i couldn't catch my breath, i had to go to the hospital. >> the same arsonist may have set fires in other homes there. fortunately, no one was injured. day, it was warm. today, record breaking temperatures. 81 at bwi. that's a new record, beating the old one set back in 1989. all right, highs today, across the board, up around 81 in cockeysville and 80 in clarksville and 75 in
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chestertown on the eastern shore flinch i'm telling you, this is a warm, warm day out there. temperatures are still in the upper 70s. radar, and a little action to the west and west virginia and ohio. things will be cooler as we go into the day tomorrow. just the chance of a morning shower and 60 in the afternoon. a nice day and our last day of winter which comes tomorrow will be cooler. well, all week long, we've been involved in multiple sclerosis week. we think about how it affects people physically. financially, this disease can be debilitating as well. >> you can see how tough it is to get across the room
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when he sits down, he gets spasms. >> about ms, it's just a crippling disease. you lose every day. >> reporter: he spent his life as a hard working farmer. 17 years ago, the diagnosis brought that to a halt. >> i have upper use. >> i can't walk and i can't climb into machinery. i can't get up into the machinery. >> reporter: this means no income. he struggles and he luckily gets help. melissa is with the society and providing assistance to people like charles. that's one of the many things they do. >> the money we raise, it goes to research and services and programs and makes sure that the people can stay in their homes. >> reporter: this wheelchair, thank goodness, it's from the ms society. they bought it for me. it's over $2000.
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the leg brace is about ten years old. it was about $600 at that time. the insurance company wouldn't pay for it. >> reporter: this is also emotionally tough, too. many will tell you, this is an isolating disease. >> i wanted to play baseball and take my grandchildren hunting and stuff. they don't want to play baseball with someone who can't catch the ball. if it was over here, you can't get it. next thing you know, they're going to play with someone else. >> reporter: he says he feels lucky, he can still walk and drive. thanks to the ms society, he has help and he knows he's not alone. >> it helps to have people around you. a small thank you for warriors wounded in battle. he's thankful for those meeting
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on a regular basis. if you want to get involved, check out the website on the screen. now, to the small thank you for warriors who were wounded in batsable -- battle. they partnered up to give free eye exams. the warrior project has been there for this man since he lost his leg. >> i remember getting to the hospital in the middle of the night. i was naked and i had nothing. everything was in iraq. my family wasn't there yet. two of the guys from the project brought up one of the backpacks with the logo. it had sweats and socks and a toothbrush. it seemed like small things, but at the time, that was what we need. >> the doctors performed procedures on service members today. we're working to bring you help by saving you money.
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that's tonight at 6:00. we're helping you make sense out of car repairs and with the money you'll save, take your special someone out to eat for restaurant week. and the charm city currency is picking up momentum. today, we had 81 degrees at bwi. it was a warm, warm day. we have cooler air marching in. we'll talk about that, after this.
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>> soon, you can get a great delope dinner by going to talbot counttism you can get a fool meal for 20 bucks. you can see the sites tonight as well. we'll give you a preview of what you'll find. making your way across the bay bridge into talbot county, you'll see a variety of things. from wonderful shoreline great small towns. for you take the time, you'll catch the history along the way. >> we see a lot of tourists who visit us, they're coming from out of town. we have local that is come in also. what they're looking for is a opportunity to learn more about where they're visiting and where they're current di live -- currently living. >> reporter: the historical society's mission is to preserve, communicate and
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celebrate the heritage by educating the residents and the visitors. >> the society provides that venue where you can come in and see the exhibits and participate in a program and visit the houses. we have his toric houses. we have incredible archives if you would like to learn about a building or a person. we have a lot of information that will help people with the research questions. >> there's one of talbot county's famous residents and this is an antislavery activist, frederick douglas. >> he's from talbot county, his history is important to the fabric of the county. >> we try to not only talk about the history of 200 years ago, but also doing focusing on what might be resent history. that's what people are, well, really most connected to. a lot of people have lived
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through that. that happened in the last 50 to 75 years. >> if you're making your way into the county for restaurant week, a little history for you as well. shortly after the courthouse was built a century ago, some of the first businesses to go in next door, restaurants and taverns. in easton, abc2 news. again, restaurant week starts sunday and wraps up march 27th. we have more information on the website at just look at inside this story. well, these aren't on the market yet, but they're growing in popularity. they're a baltimore case basted currency. they can be used in exchange with dozens of businesses and especially in hampden. so far, one in five dollar denominations are unveiled.
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one features frederick douglas and the five, edgar allan poe. ux go to and find out more about b notes. we'll have a link to the story after the show. now, maryland's most powerful radar. awfully warm outside today. awfully warm. the old record was 80 degrees. today we're at 81 degrees. smashing the old record and you'll notice the days getting longer. sunup, 7:14 and first day of spring. we'll begin sunday night, that's when spring begins. the first day is on monday. temperature at the airport, 78, we were up to 81 an hour ago. we're a little gusty at times. we'll look at the weather net cameras across the state. that's downtown and look at middletown today.
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we have a nice looking day today. how about another stop out here. there again, this is a mixed day with cloud cover. you have to love it though. down at beach, people let going down on the board walk. great looking weather at ocean city. beach season isn't too far away. 81 is the high in cockeysville. 78 in davidsonville and easton, 75. maryland's most powerful radar is all clear. south eastern, pennsylvania, central ohio, for the most part, we'll be clear. we've been gusty and wind gusts at 25 in baltimore and 23 in hagerstown and 24 in patuxent. a breezy night and no questions about that. downtown, 82. that's the warmest spot across the central maryland map here. in delaware, you were in the
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mid-to upper 70s. passing clouds and extreme western maryland. we had a few renegade showers. most of us stay dry all night. we could have a passing shower towards daybreak and colder air is marching in. you can see it across the east here. detroit, awe and erie, 50. it will take a while for the colder air to get in. it will represent a cool down. none of that this evening. warmer air is around the carolinas. our future castor is shows clouds late tonight and maybe a few hit and miss showers around daybreak. it's such a brief window. we're not putting it in the forecast. saturday evening, dry and partly sunny throughout the day tomorrow.
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sunday, more clear and it will be cooler sunday still as the cooler air settles in. maybe only upper 50s for the first day of spring. overnight 50 and windy out there. tomorrow, we're talk about 58 or so. we'll have a few clouds early on and tomorrow night, we'll drop to 5 or so. you can see mostly clear and cooler. taking a look at the seven-day forecast. you can see, temperatures will cool off a bit. that's as we see the showers arriving monday and tuesday. that's a look at the forecast. you'll want to get back to rosie. what's cooking on the world of ipad. well, there's a lot cooking. the money saving tip at 6:00. it's called repair pal. if you need something mixed on your car, click on repair pall. you'll get a price estimate and where the shop is. let's look at this. bmw-- well, i've always liked
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this one. yeah, this is a beautiful car. old car. then, you select your service and find out what you want. how about an ignition cap and rotter placement. you want both and find out where the page is, find out where the location is. this is the estimate on the price. that's the range and then, the shops close by, it des you what the work is and what needs to be done and how you can get it done and where. repair pal, that's a good app you may want to try. to find out more, go to we'll be back.
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if you're going to be out, you'll have a good time. >> we'll start spring sunday evening past 7:00. a cooler weekend, but a dry and sunny one. that's tough to complain. enjoy friday evening. we're still in the upper 70s. we're 80 in bethesda. we have a few showers in western virginia. they'll fizzle out before they get into baltimore. we'll call for a dry day with
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cloud cover. spring begins sunday. >> that's not bad. >> enjoy the sunshine and a warm night tonight. >> that's it for abc2 news at 6:00. we'll be back at 1:00 -- 11:00. have a great weekend.
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